January09 TUBEFREEKS Announce YouTube Videos Series For Songs From “The Dry Tide” Album And Upcoming Southeastern US Tour Dates

Maryland hard rockers TUBEFREEKS are back with a new full-length album, “The Dry Tide”, and the group has compiled a fantastic series of YouTube videos for 8 of the songs from the album. Using multiple producers, the videos all take on a different vibes and highlight the great music and mind-twisted approach Tubefreeks delivers! Details below with the playlist of all 8 videos here:

Wicked Sky – The video for the first song on the album, this no punches, straight to the point video shows the band delivering their unique brand of kickin’ hard rock.

Tubefreeks – “The Wicked Sky” video link

Anathemy – Get ready for some psychedelic action along with some heavy riffs, eerie harmonies, with a kickin’ solo on top! Mesh all of this with some tripped out footage of singer Paul van Valkenburgh mixed with some harrowing surf adventures and voila! This one is nuts! Oh, and the intro is hilarious too!

Tubefreeks – “Anathemy” video link

Deracho – Wow, talk about Bizarre! Let’s combine some 1950’s dancers, dancing in time by the way, to an all out heavy tune. Toss in a little Evel Knievel and scary dancing pig, and you get this fantastic video. The rumbling power groove sounds on this one will keep you locked in.

Tubefreeks – “Deracho” video link

Whisper – Head into the intense and sometimes solemn relationship within your own brain. Singer Paul is depicted with his canine friend in a cold, graveyard setting which matches this grungy melodic song. The harmonies will melt you.

Tubefreeks – “Whisper” video link

Into the Fray – get ready for an uneasy feeling with this parody into an olde Western, tobacco chewin’, whisky-drinkin’, card-cheatin’ rock-n-roll good time! Highlighting the awesome solo work of guitarist Brian Murray, this feel-good rock tune and whacky video take it to the extreme!

Tubefreeks – “Into The Fray” video link

Mind Eraser – Twisted minds are what Tubefreeks are all about, and this psychedelic trip produced by Tubefreeks’ own Todd Stevens, delivers the insanity! So Paul is a monkey? A space alien? A baby? Or some flippy yoga beach dude? Straight up hard rock meets dessert rock and your brain will barely be able to handle it!

Tubefreeks – “Mind Eraser” video link

Motoride – Want a straight up hard rock punch? This power-groove kickin’ tune is matched up with beautiful Western USA drive scenes and the band itself. A classic hard rock video.

Tubefreeks – “Motoride” video link

Nevada – Time to revisit the olde West. A group of bandit, horse ridin’, gamblers find a way to smash glasses, flip card tables and brawl as this Tubefreeks rock classic is pseudo-played by a whacky old-timey band. This one rocks!

Tubefreeks – “Nevada” video link

Official Tubefreeks “The Dry Tide” You Tube videos channel

Upcoming Tubefreeks shows dates:

1/19/18 – The Wormhole – Savannah, Georgia

1/20/18 – Masons Live – Lakeland, Florida

1/21/18 – The Nick – Birmingham, Alabama

Tubefreeks Band Members

*Paul van Valkenburgh – Lead Vocals
*Brian Murray – Lead Guitar
*Todd Stevens – Rhythm Guitar
*Jon Weed – Bass
*Burrell – Drums

Biography: Maryland hard rockers TUBEFREEKS are back with their 3rd full-length album. The Dry Tide, released in 2017, featuring 12 new tracks continuing the group’s tradition of hard-hitting original rock production.

As always, the formula is simple; Kickin’ heavy riffs, groovin’ beats and raging drums, kick-ass guitar solos, and melodic vocals with harmonies. Tubefreeks have drawn comparisons to the most influential, heavy-riff-driven, classic hard rock bands, to today’s cutting edge rock.

Fueled by the original vocal stylings and harmonies of Paul van Valkenburgh, back once again is drummer Geoff Burrell with new additions Brian Murray on lead guitar, Todd Stevens on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Jon Weed on bass. The new members bring a wealth of writing and performance experience to the band.

The band has also released a unique series of videos corresponding to song releases from the album. The professionally produced videos, available on YouTube and shared across social media, have attracted many new listeners to the music.

The Dry Tide was engineered by renowned Maryland hard rock engineer Frank ‘The Punisher’ Marchand at Waterford Digital Studio in Pasadena, MD and was mastered by top industry mastering engineer Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.

The new album follows up on previous releases from 2010, Complex Disorders and Best of the 90’s (compilation).

Influences are many and span the entire spectrum of hard rock bands from the 60’s to the present. While there are many more, you might hear some traces of Black Sabbath, Beatles, Aerosmith, Yes, and Skynyrd to Metallica, Ozzy, AC/DC, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains, all the way to System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine and Deftones.

Look for regional shows along the East Coast / Mid-Atlantic in 2017 with further locations beyond. One listen to The Dry Tide and you will see (and feel) what the buzz is all about!

Official Tubefreeks website

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